Descargar VLC Media Player 2.0. (Windows)


VLC Media Player es uno de los mejores reproductores de audio y vídeo. Tiene una compatibilidad enorme con múltiples formatos. Y tiene también algunas funciones avanzadas.

No solo reproduce, también saca capturas a los vídeos, graba tus cortos favoritos de estos, reproduce vídeos de internet directamente ahí (por ejemplo de YouTube), ¡y también emítelos! Solo falta la guinda, ¿es compatible con todos los sistemas? SI: Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.


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  1. Visu dice:

    Now the pc got turned off and the phone keeps scninnag for the pc and cant find it.Last time i didnt have to do it manually, it just scanned it.Any ideas what went wrong???Iv tried manually aswell but theres a firewall blocking me and dont want to go messing with it if i can do it the way it was already.

  2. Yasir dice:

    It’s not working for me. I tried sedning the url thingy to my friend, and he input it, but he got some sort of error. He tried setting it up too, and when I tried listening to his stream, I got the same error.Also, the streaming seems really buggy. I can’t even pause the songs without the stream ending.

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